FIBA Events

Power of Positive Intelligence – Are you ready to finally achieve your full potential?

  • Wednesday, 10th April 2024 @ 8am
  • Kafé Stockholm - Nearest Tube Hotel de Ville - A 3 minute walk from the Place des Terreaux - 10 Rue Saint-Polycarpe 69001 Lyon
  • Join us for an empowering breakfast session on Positive Intelligence®, which has helped change the lives of thousands around the world, including our speaker, Marsha Ginson. You’ll learn about the scientific foundations upon which it is based, including the science of neuoplasticity and discover how you can effectively rewire your brain to optimize your professional and personal growth. You can master your mind over breakfast with other FIBA members at LYON’s Swedish coffee house in the 1st arrondissement.

    Ticket sales open on 20th March. Save the date!

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