FIBA Events


  • Friday 20th October at 12.15
  • Hôtel Warwick Reine Astrid, 24 Boulevard des Belges, Lyon 6
  • A chance for new and not so new members to get to know each other better and boost your professional network!  3 phases (1/ Apéritif, 2/ Main course and 3/Dessert) to meet & mix !
    Members will enjoy an apéritif at one table, move to a new table (with different members) for the main course, and conclude with dessert and coffee at a third table!

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  • Thursday 12th October 2017
  • Domaine du Gouverneur
  • Fiba Golf Tournament

Soirée Musique & Management

  • Tuesday 10th October 2017 à 19h30
  • Chateau de la Gallée
  • Event organized by the FEDECLAIRA au Château de la Gallée, Chemin de la Grande Gallée – 69390 Millery (20 min de la place Bellecour)
    4ème édition du RENDEZ-VOUS des Clubs d’Affaires Internationaux d’Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    Animation networking autour du thème de la musique et du management avec buffet dînatoire
    Frais d’inscription : 50€ TTC/pers.
    Réservation obligatoire en ligne sur avant le 4 octobre au soir
    Dress code élégant
    Parking assuré

Les Voisins Cruise

  • Wednesday 13th September 2017 at 6pm
  • Bateau l'Officiel 15 quai Rambaud
  • Exclusive trip down the Saône with the British Ambassador Lord Ed Llewellyn in celebration of the VOISINS campaign launched by the Duke & Duchesse of Cambridge this year. For members only. Invitations have been sent to your registered email address.

BREXIT briefing

  • Wednesday 13th September 2017 at 4pm
  • Tuba 1 Place Charles Béraudier 69003 Lyon
  • In April, the Ambassador visited Lyon to talk about Brexit and address some of the consequent uncertainties that are affecting British and French communities living on either side of the Channel. He will be visiting again on 13 September to follow up on this discussion.
    The Brexit negotiations formally began on 19 June, in a constructive atmosphere. One of the first areas of discussion was citizens’ rights, and you may have seen that Prime Minister Theresa May has set out details of the UK’s position on this. It remains a key objective to give certainty to the three million EU citizens living in Britain, and to agree with the EU a reciprocal deal which gives guarantees to British citizens living in the European Union. We know how important this is for all the British and French citizens who bring so much to both countries.
    If you are interested in hearing from the Ambassador and were/or were not able to attend the last session, please contact to secure your place. Due to space constraints, we only have the capacity to host 40 people. It is a priority for the Ambassador to meet and talk with Brits living in the region, so the event will be in English.