FIBA Events

October Business Lunch

  • Friday 18 October 2019
  • The LYINC
  • Our very own Tim Hughes, former FIBA President and practising solicitor in Lyon, will unravel the complexities of Brexit in one of his famously entertaining and educational presentations. Not to be missed !!
    Since the referendum in 2016, Brexit has dominated the political landscape. The twists and turns seem never-ending. Uncertainty and unpredictability have become the norm, with businesses on both sides of the channel trying to anticipate the implications… Four scenarios : Remain, Leave with a deal, Leave with no deal, Further delay with the possibility of a general election lurking never far away, An alternative interim government…  It all has more possibilities than a Hollywood blockbuster, and all just 13 days before the next deadline!  Several of you have applied for French Nationality in the face of such uncertainty. Tim will give his unique take on it all…

    This presentation will be longer than usual, so if you can, allow for a slightly longer lunch break!  You can book your place here

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